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Audiometric Testing In The Workplace

Audiometric testing in the work environment is part of the employer’s duties to carry out. It needs to be ascertained what the individual’s hearing levels are to begin with. An audiometer is used to measure these levels. Onsite Audiometric test measures the

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The Immense Need For The ISO 14001 Standard

ISO 14001 may have appeared to be yet another way to make money off companies, but it is in fact the complete opposite. ISO 14001 certification aims to assist organizations in maximizing their profits through efficient processes and procedures while

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Be Ready – ISO 14001 certification

It is not a fast and easy decision to decide to undergo the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification. Research needs to be carried out, and answers to nagging questions obtained. Although you, on ground level, along with your management

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Internal Audit and External Audit

The aim of an internal audit is to evaluate a management system and to improve the effectiveness thereof. By continually evaluating and improving, an organization of company is better able to reach their objectives and goals. Systems are evaluated and

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ISO 14001 – Key Elements

The international standard for the ISO 14001 certification follows the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle. There are certain key elements that must be followed by all organizations who seek a formal certification such as ISP 14001.The company needs to have in place and

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ISO 14001 – The Environmental Management Certification

The ISO 14001 certification is an internationally recognized certification that most companies strive to achieve and maintain in this modern day, where the environment is being so badly degraded through pollution. This certification is a system whereby companies are graded

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The Elements of An Integrated Management System

So you have decided to stop managing various management systems for your organization into one.  No more will you have to worry about hosting separate management review meetings or establishing separate objectives; one for quality, one for safety and another

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What In The World Is An Integrated Management System

In the modern business world of globalization, having a defined management system that focuses on all faucets of an organization’s processes are beneficial to remain competitive.  For example, a quality system that focuses on meeting customer and regulatory requirements, an

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Gap Analysis

While undertaking your ISO Quality Management System implementation or transitioning from an old version to a new version the requirement is to compare your current system with the requirements of the ISO standard. The objective is to find out the

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How to hire an ISO consultant

companies pursuing ISO certification frequently begin the process by hiring consultants. Although certification bodies must meet certain accreditation requirements, ISO consultants have no overseeing bodies to qualify their competence. Many ISO or quality consultants have a variety of licenses and

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